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Cost Segregation Specialists, LLC founding member George G. Schaffer has over twenty years of cost segregation experience.  He graduated from Purdue University in 1994 with a Bachelor Degree in Construction Engineering and an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering Technology.

Following graduation in 1994, George worked for a "Big Four" firm as a staff engineer for the national cost segregation practice.  This is where George learned the technical aspects of cost segregation.

  In 1998, George joined a large regional accounting firm as a manager of their cost segregation practice.  He worked closely with the partner in charge to set up strategic alliances with other accounting firms as well as managing/mentoring a staff of four engineers.  He was in charge of QA on reviews and training of staff.  During this time, George gave numerous presentations to CPA societies as well as potential clients.

   In 2005, George returned to a "Big Four" firm to manage the Chicago cost segregation group.  He worked with partners in the Private Company Group promoting cost segregation to mid-sized companies and also presenting educational classes at the National Managers Meeting for the Tax Products Delivery Group (TPDG).  George also headed up the technical discussions each month that addressed emerging issues facing the cost segregation industry.  He has also written numerous position papers addressing a variety of technical issues.


  In 2008, George developed Cost Segregation Specialists, LLC in which he is the owner. 


Cost Segregation Specialists, LLC prides itself on delivering a quality cost segregation report that follows the guidelines the IRS has set forward in its Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide.

According to an article in the AICPA’s Journal of Accountancy,
“Selecting a firm that uses qualified professionals with years of significant, relevant experience can be an
important differentiator in the quality of a cost segregation study.” 

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